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Jorge Prieto HK1I Radioaficionado

Jorge Prieto  HK1R

My interest on radiocommunications started in the late 1977, I recall listening to the radio at the HF frequencies used by ships,  Commercial Broadcasting, Citizens Band (CB) and much more.


First, I started in the CB because the current colombian regulations for ham radio at the time, required minimum age of 18 to hold a radio amateur license.


When I started my Mechanical Engineering studies in 1981, I distanced myself from the  radio, but finally in 1984 I obtained my first license as HK1KYR-N (N for Novice), quickly I upgraded my license to 2nd category and later to first category


Since the beginning, my favorite transmission mode has been CW. In 1986 I participated in my first DXpedition, it was 5J0FRC, Gorgona Island in the Colombian Pacific Ocean.


My interest in contesting started in 1987, I got the first place world in the ARRL DX CW in the SOSB 15M category that year.


In 1990 I got married with my beautiful wife, Mónica (some of my friends call her “Mónica 1”) and then Mónica (A.K.A. “Mónica 2”), my beatiful daughter was born that same year. My job, the new responsibilities and other interests reduced my ham radio activity.


In the year 2009, my friend David, HK1A (then HK1KXA) asked me to let him install in the farm where HK1NA is located now, a system of three elements vertical Yagis to test during the CQWW contests. The fantastic propagation conditions found there got me interested and that’s how I ended back in the contest arena competing in the CQWW CW that year on 15 m SOSB HP, working 900 QSOs with a single GP antenna with two wire radials installed on a cattle corral fence. This got me really motivated, and that's how I decided together with my ham radio old friends, Jim HK1N, Sal HK1T, Pedro HK1X and David HK1A, to build a world-class contest station.


In 2010 I Got my Extra-Class license and changed my 26 years old call HK1KYR for HK1R


That year (2010) the same group of friends founded the DX COLOMBIA AMATEUR RADIO CLUB.


In 2012 I returned to the DXpeditions, organizing and participating in the Malpelo Island DXpedition,  HK0NA.


In 2014 I had to honor of participating in the Amsterdam island DXpedition, FT5ZM


Many Ham radio contests, adventures and friends have ocurred along my life; I will share with you all my experiences in this web site.




5J0FRC Team Member

HK1NA Team Member

HK0NA Team Member

FT5ZM  Team Member 

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Sección: Los Radioaficionados cuentan su historia


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